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A wide range of avant-garde, unique fabrics which can also be specially created for the client are used together with classic materials in the best of upholstering traditions: thus, together with fabrics and materials you know and love you can experiment with or discover alternative and unusual fabrics such as jute, hemp, horsehair, raffia, animal fur, ethnic and those used for clothing.

All the materials, as well as accessories, decorations and preliminary work are entrusted only to high quality suppliers. Personalized service includes a careful estimate with the client, and in the case of curtains also an on-site inspection, a thoughtful selection of the best solutions, and delivery with set-up or arrangement of the finished product if necessary.


Via del Caravaggio, 36-38 Firenze C.A.P. 50143 - Tel. e fax 055 7322607 -Cell. 333 6450639
E-mail: info@tappezzeriamazzoni.it
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